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News and Gossip

Here's the scoop...


Oh, I am devestated!The word all over the net is that the fifth season is going to be the last!hoe can they do that? if the producers of the show reads this I hope they understand how devestaded the fans of the show are and re-consider!PLEASE! for the fans!

NEWS: Josh Jackson's flick, "The Skulls" will be released on DVD on either
October 17, 2000 or October 24, 2000; both dates have been mentioned and its
tentative at this time....more on this later. The DVD will include special
features; an audio commentary with Director Rob Cohen, a Spotlight On Location
featurette, and deleted footage shot by the cast and crew during filming.
I also found this on the Skulls: This movie will be released on video October 3,
2000. It can be rented at that time. You can purchase it on VHS in 4-6 months
after its initial release. The movie will also be made available in DVD format.
Dates are subject to change.
and it also said that Gossip will be released in October 2000. I will let you
know if I here something diff.

Movie/show times:

**Apt Pupil**
Sat 12 12:15 PM SHO2E
Sat 12 9:30 PM SHO2E
Tue 15 3:45 PM SHOW3
Tue 15 11:30 PM SHOW3
Wed 16 9:00 PM SHO2E
Thu 17 3:50 AM SHO2E

*Rosie O'Donnel*
Mon 14

**Dawson's Creek*
Episode "The Valentine's Day Massacre"
for more info:


Here I'll include some of the jucier stuff I hear. No guarantee of the accuracy of anything you read in this column!

Joshua was robbed!
They stole his diary and his childhood pictures from birth to the age of nine!Poor, poor Joshua!How can anybody do something like that???!!!

Be sure to let me know what you hear and I'll add it to this page!