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Kerr Smith


Kerr`s first work began while he was still in high School, when he performed in his High School play, The King and I.After going to College at the University of Vermont, and graduating with a degree in Business and accounting, Kerr decided accounting just wasn`t for him.Kerr moved to New York where he was able to get spot as an extra in the Bruce Willis film, Twelve Monkies.After that job, and a commercial (anyone know what it was?) Kerr landed the role of ryder Hughes on the daytime soap, As the world turns.Working on it from 1996-1997, Kerr left the show to do other things.In 1998he snagged a smale role on Baywatch and then the role as Jack McPhee on the hit teen series, Dawson`s Creek.According to a chat he did with Wanda at EONLINE, Kerr is currently being seen in Gateway computer commercials.
Coming soon, You can see Kerr in two Upcoming movies. Kiss and tell and Hit and Runaway.Release dates has yet to be announced.

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