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Brittany Daniel

Brittany Daniel

Name: Brittany Ann Daniel
Nickname: Boo Boo, Britt
Height: Blonde
Eye Color: Blue and green
Birthday: March 17, 1976
Schooling: National Honor Society scholar throughout high School
Family: Parents C.B and Carolyn, Sister Cynthia, and older brother Brad
Car: Ford Explorer
Favourite hobbies: Rock climbing, rollerbladin, and going to the beach


She was dating Joshua for a while, I think they had a serious relationship, lucky girl!


Burke`s Law (?)
The new leave it to Beaver (a dragon 1987)
Swan`s crossing (Mila Rovsnovsky 1992)
Sweet walley High (Jessica Wakefield 1994-1998)
The Basketball Diaries (Blinkie 1995)
Dawson`s Creek (Eve Whitman 1999, we never found out her real lastname, this is the one she gave to Dawson)

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