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Episode Reviews

So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of my favorite show. If the show has been on for a while, I might also include annotated descriptions of past episodes on this page.

Here's an example of a format I might use for my show reviews.

Episode #317- Cinderella story
From Season 3

[Pacey`s car]
(Pacey is driving while Joey sits in the passenger seat)
j:(happily) You know, you never know how things are gonna turn out.
p: very true, Potter
j:I mean, who would`ve thought that I`d actually be able to use those dance lessons?
p: There`s gonna be dancing at this thing? (he takes a flier from her)
j: Yeah
p: I thought you said it was just self-congratulatory award giving.
j: This is a big deal!AJ`s going to be reading his work in front of several very important alumni. He`s the youngest person isn his department to win the-
p:(reads) Creating Viting award? (he holds up the paper)
J:(taking it from him) Creative writing
p. Yeah, I`ll say
j. (annoyed) ?s calligraphy`s pretentious. (pauses) You know what, don`t mind me, just have a good time this weekend
j: I will. (wishfully) I mean this could be the most romantic night of my life. I mean, it`s not every day that I get invited to elegant dinners with distinguished guests, accompanied by a friend who..
p: Friend? Is that what you and AJ are?

I have`nt actually seen this episode...

Grade (on a scale of 10): 6

Favorite Episode

In this area I'll talk about my all-time favorite episode. I'll try to explain why I think it's the best and why it's important to me personally.

If I find a sound clip from this episode, I'll include it here.